Monthly Archives: May 2008


Has if all the breast feeding scenes we have watched in spanish the last two days was not enough, my running friends participated in a milk mile today. Basically, they drank a glass of milk, ran a lap and repeated four times. The winner clocked a 6:02 mile. Only one of six people threw up, which was kind of sad–but it was pretty funny nonetheless. This one kid was very scared that the cops were going to come and bust us, but they never did. It was only nine o’clock after all and were in the middle of dark stadium.

We also staged our own barbecue type thingy. I did not eat anything, but I did play some ultimate afterward in socks. And what do you know? My shins are acting up. They started hurting after just a couple minutes of running at Movin Shoes too.

Prom’s tomorrow. That should be quite nice.

Forgive me, my weakness

I’ve failed to write her for a while now, but I am going to back on the horse. Friday was a rain-filled Padre game. Karma struck because they lost since I only went to the game so I could get a nice, new camo beanie. But, had I gone with the intention of helping them win, they would have won. They did win today after six and half hours of play. My god! Yesterday, was the SAC show. Highly entertaining. Word of advice to certain people would be that puke green color clothes are wholly unattractive, but magenta is really nice.

Very late at night, we tried to discover this Questhaven place in Esco that is supposedly supposed to have haunted qualities. But we had the directions kind of wrong (or rather we stopped reading too early) so it never worked out. Instead, I stayed awake right through the sunrise and ended up getting a mish-mash of about five hours of sleep.

People still think I got a haircut, I think I might get one either tomorrow or Tuesday. I think this week is going to be about horizontal stripes. Reminder to self that I like white stuff, while someone loves brown stuff. I totally forgot to the SD Fair entry done, but it doesn’t help that the server is down. I’ll get on that soon. I kind wait for Prom, although we are having some transportation issues.

The sky turns the color of hot

My body is on fire, but my brain cannot seem to get firing on the subject of abstinence so I will try writing here a little to get something going.

I tried running again for the first time in 10 days yesterday and today I am paying for it. I was very happy with myself for fighting through the heat yesterday to pound out 60 minutes for BBC. According to MapMyRun, a lap around Hilltop is .26mi so I will take that to mean a quarter of a mile. However, I don’t know how many laps me and Brian did, but it felt nice. Today, I’m sore in all the places where muscles that I have not used in the past couple of weeks sit. Between running and putting burgers in between buns, I will give myself four hours of community service for the day.

Later, I learned one my friends’ prowess in making movies. In one of them, he acted as a Southern senator throwing some kind of tirade. I am anxiously awaiting seeing our remake of Cloverfield. It’s a movie that makes you want to keep watching, but the ending is rather abrupt and sad. But, perhaps that’s a good thing. I don’t like the gimmicky nature of their special features on the DVD. That’s just gay and faggish like the Disney people who hide the random disgusting stuff in Disney movies.

I received a few more compliments on my hair. Always exciting. Now what to do about this heat?

The sweat kept me away

After Wednesday’s pair of AP test, I felt as if I had just run a race so I ended up taking a shower. More on that later. My arms and legs were somehow sore from all that essay writing. Art history test writers are rather mean.

After I came out of the shower, my hair was really flat, which looked really cool. The next day I decided I would try out this new look and used some gel to keep the hair down. I received some positive reviews, but so many people thought I got a haircut.

It’s really hot right now so I am going to stay away.

Where’s snakeslayer when you need him?

There was a four-foot long snake on my driveway today as I attempted to pull into and park in my driveway. As it occupied my space, I feared crushing it with my tires so I waited in the middle of street with my foot pressing down on the brakes. I staked out my spot while it slowly and lackadaisically straddled the ground and inched itself toward some rocks and bushes. I finally arrived on my driveway, parked, grabbed my backpack and dashed for the front door. After deciding, bringing in the trash cans was too scary a task to undertake, I noticed our back door was open and that my grandma was working outside. I warned her to be careful because there was a snake in the vicinity of the house. She grew incredibly excited and demanded that see it. She jumped up from washing some pots and sprinted to the front of the house, but the snake had apparently sped up its crawl and was now out of site. She was sad. I was relieved, but I shall remain on the lookout and will request that snakeslayer remain on-call.