Where’s snakeslayer when you need him?

There was a four-foot long snake on my driveway today as I attempted to pull into and park in my driveway. As it occupied my space, I feared crushing it with my tires so I waited in the middle of street with my foot pressing down on the brakes. I staked out my spot while it slowly and lackadaisically straddled the ground and inched itself toward some rocks and bushes. I finally arrived on my driveway, parked, grabbed my backpack and dashed for the front door. After deciding, bringing in the trash cans was too scary a task to undertake, I noticed our back door was open and that my grandma was working outside. I warned her to be careful because there was a snake in the vicinity of the house. She grew incredibly excited and demanded that see it. She jumped up from washing some pots and sprinted to the front of the house, but the snake had apparently sped up its crawl and was now out of site. She was sad. I was relieved, but I shall remain on the lookout and will request that snakeslayer remain on-call.

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