The sky turns the color of hot

My body is on fire, but my brain cannot seem to get firing on the subject of abstinence so I will try writing here a little to get something going.

I tried running again for the first time in 10 days yesterday and today I am paying for it. I was very happy with myself for fighting through the heat yesterday to pound out 60 minutes for BBC. According to MapMyRun, a lap around Hilltop is .26mi so I will take that to mean a quarter of a mile. However, I don’t know how many laps me and Brian did, but it felt nice. Today, I’m sore in all the places where muscles that I have not used in the past couple of weeks sit. Between running and putting burgers in between buns, I will give myself four hours of community service for the day.

Later, I learned one my friends’ prowess in making movies. In one of them, he acted as a Southern senator throwing some kind of tirade. I am anxiously awaiting seeing our remake of Cloverfield. It’s a movie that makes you want to keep watching, but the ending is rather abrupt and sad. But, perhaps that’s a good thing. I don’t like the gimmicky nature of their special features on the DVD. That’s just gay and faggish like the Disney people who hide the random disgusting stuff in Disney movies.

I received a few more compliments on my hair. Always exciting. Now what to do about this heat?

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