Forgive me, my weakness

I’ve failed to write her for a while now, but I am going to back on the horse. Friday was a rain-filled Padre game. Karma struck because they lost since I only went to the game so I could get a nice, new camo beanie. But, had I gone with the intention of helping them win, they would have won. They did win today after six and half hours of play. My god! Yesterday, was the SAC show. Highly entertaining. Word of advice to certain people would be that puke green color clothes are wholly unattractive, but magenta is really nice.

Very late at night, we tried to discover this Questhaven place in Esco that is supposedly supposed to have haunted qualities. But we had the directions kind of wrong (or rather we stopped reading too early) so it never worked out. Instead, I stayed awake right through the sunrise and ended up getting a mish-mash of about five hours of sleep.

People still think I got a haircut, I think I might get one either tomorrow or Tuesday. I think this week is going to be about horizontal stripes. Reminder to self that I like white stuff, while someone loves brown stuff. I totally forgot to the SD Fair entry done, but it doesn’t help that the server is down. I’ll get on that soon. I kind wait for Prom, although we are having some transportation issues.

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