Has if all the breast feeding scenes we have watched in spanish the last two days was not enough, my running friends participated in a milk mile today. Basically, they drank a glass of milk, ran a lap and repeated four times. The winner clocked a 6:02 mile. Only one of six people threw up, which was kind of sad–but it was pretty funny nonetheless. This one kid was very scared that the cops were going to come and bust us, but they never did. It was only nine o’clock after all and were in the middle of dark stadium.

We also staged our own barbecue type thingy. I did not eat anything, but I did play some ultimate afterward in socks. And what do you know? My shins are acting up. They started hurting after just a couple minutes of running at Movin Shoes too.

Prom’s tomorrow. That should be quite nice.

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