Monthly Archives: May 2008

Gray and hilly

Black Mountain they day after a race is probably not the smartest idea, but the rocks added excitement. According to MapMyRun, it was 5.26 miles to the top from school–reaching an elevation of just over 1,500 feet (or almost half a mile). I surged on the straightaways and walked the really steep parts. I have not run hills in a month when I did them at calc camp, also as a recovery run. I had some IT issues, but a few days of rest should help those disappear. We didn’t run as a pack very well, but at least my friends finally arranged their Bay Bridge team.

I will never forget the graph of ln(x). That I know. I hope my non-calc multiple choices gets graded though and not spit out by the machine. I was chewing on my eraser cap and some water dripped onto the eraser, and when I went to erase an answer, part of the paper basically ripped off. Hopefully, all is well. Did not hear any Linkin Park on the radio!

Final race of Track 08

Not sure whether I did OK or really well. Boyer and I had me at 2:08, but Poway’s results had me at 2:10 for a .18 second PR. Either way, I’ll take it. Weird day though, lots of sitting around in the cold talking calculus and spanish with Ryan. Did you know Poway has special buttons to push at crosswalks for people riding horses? Our race was supposed to be at 7:15, but it actually went off closer to 6:45. It was a staggered start and coming out of lane 2 I was solid for the first 100, but then I got boxed in by a forest of green. Luckily, Poway does not have a metal barrier on the inside lane otherwise I would have had multiple chances to fall. I finally broke free around the 350 mark, but Dom, whom I wanted to beat, was already about 4 strides ahead of me. Second lap was really heavy on the legs (they were basically frozen) and I did not have much of a kick, but at least I was in it mentally. But all must hail Marvin, who beat Gregor, on the way to a 2:03 finish. Tomorrow hopefully is my last day of running until the end of this month. So now I can some poundage, smile and try not to think too much about next year yet.
Final PRs for 2008:
1600- 4:53
800- 2:09?
400- 57

In other news, why is Linkin Park on the radio so much. Every other song is from them. There are more than five bands in this world Mr. DJ…