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Desire for fame

The Bones episode today was all about getting fame. Kind of freaky. Maybe the events my friends overtook was part of their quest for notoriety. It definitely is human nature to inflate their ego. Even those that do not admit to doing do it by virtue of not doing it.

Caught in the crossfire

Why, oh why must Taral laugh at everything that comes out of every single person’s mouth and why, oh why must I see her twice on a weekend? As if five days a week was not bad enough!

I went to a Padre game today with some friends. Besides the Padres’ first win in days and a perfect set-up (Maddux for six innings for his 350th win, followed by Meredith, Bell and Hoffy), the highlight was the drunk college kids in front of us. They started having peanut/sunflower seed/m n m/cracker jack throwing wars because they were spread over four or five rows. Then some random old guy who danced to every song while air-drumming and singing along started blaming these college kids for cursing the Padres when the Padres allowed a run to score in the eighth. He was very polite though; he never used a curse word.

Some more excitement was added earlier in the game when my friend solicited a free hat by yelling at a PadSquad girl, “OMG, I want that.” She was so adamant and did end up with some free stuff.

Earlier that day, I went tux shopping. I was kind of disappointed though. You think a tux would have more cool stuff since it costs $500! (if not rented), but no. The buttons have fabric on them and the stuff is pleated. And they throw in a vest and some pretty cuff-links, but you would think there was more to it. Maybe, I was always misinformed. Apparently, the contemporary style is to go with the windsor tie, but both the dude at the store and I agreed that the classic bow tie was a more intriguing look. I also got to see a zoot suit in person (stupid apush). For future reference, the lady at the tux shop by Mervyns is much nicer than the man at the tux place in Escondido. He kept ignoring us so we just left and went back to Carmel Mountain. They dude could have had our business, but no. And the North County mall lacks tuxes, but they have good deals on sunglasses for my mommy on the day before mother’s day.

I also went running shoe shopping. MovinShoes had to special order my size (8 1/2), but I decided to return to Mizuno’s through the new Precision shoe from the Wave line. In addition to all that spending, I bought a pair of glasses finally. My first pair since 7th grade or something. My mommy worries that my corneas will die of dryness or something.

Through Digg, I discovered several cool videos on YouTube. Basically, it is Indian music videos with parodied English subtitling. The guy tries to interpret what he is hearing as English and ends up with some hilarious lyrics. An example: .

IT acting up

Just got back from league finals which featured an intense finish to the 3200 with Proehl pounding it out to beat Dalton and Nathan as well as a discouraged Jake. Good stuff.

I actually won a game of Super Smash Brothers today. That’s probably the first time that has ever happened.

But sadly, my right IT has been hurting. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s compressing back into shape after the lack of running or maybe it is the weird positions that I have been utilizing to conduct massive studies the past few days.

I also visited the police department today, they are not exactly the most helpful of people. And the officer cussed. So did Coach Samaras. Really weird.

On a happier note, I do not see how I did not get a 5 on the APUSH exam. They say not to release any multiple choice questions, but I am just wondering: does Google include “anywhere”? Because according to Google Trends, today’s 88th most popular search term: “clear and present danger.” I’m just saying.

Gray and hilly

Black Mountain they day after a race is probably not the smartest idea, but the rocks added excitement. According to MapMyRun, it was 5.26 miles to the top from school–reaching an elevation of just over 1,500 feet (or almost half a mile). I surged on the straightaways and walked the really steep parts. I have not run hills in a month when I did them at calc camp, also as a recovery run. I had some IT issues, but a few days of rest should help those disappear. We didn’t run as a pack very well, but at least my friends finally arranged their Bay Bridge team.

I will never forget the graph of ln(x). That I know. I hope my non-calc multiple choices gets graded though and not spit out by the machine. I was chewing on my eraser cap and some water dripped onto the eraser, and when I went to erase an answer, part of the paper basically ripped off. Hopefully, all is well. Did not hear any Linkin Park on the radio!

Final race of Track 08

Not sure whether I did OK or really well. Boyer and I had me at 2:08, but Poway’s results had me at 2:10 for a .18 second PR. Either way, I’ll take it. Weird day though, lots of sitting around in the cold talking calculus and spanish with Ryan. Did you know Poway has special buttons to push at crosswalks for people riding horses? Our race was supposed to be at 7:15, but it actually went off closer to 6:45. It was a staggered start and coming out of lane 2 I was solid for the first 100, but then I got boxed in by a forest of green. Luckily, Poway does not have a metal barrier on the inside lane otherwise I would have had multiple chances to fall. I finally broke free around the 350 mark, but Dom, whom I wanted to beat, was already about 4 strides ahead of me. Second lap was really heavy on the legs (they were basically frozen) and I did not have much of a kick, but at least I was in it mentally. But all must hail Marvin, who beat Gregor, on the way to a 2:03 finish. Tomorrow hopefully is my last day of running until the end of this month. So now I can some poundage, smile and try not to think too much about next year yet.
Final PRs for 2008:
1600- 4:53
800- 2:09?
400- 57

In other news, why is Linkin Park on the radio so much. Every other song is from them. There are more than five bands in this world Mr. DJ…