First week of running

I figure I’ll be too busy to write tomorrow, and I am procrastinating study for the Catcher test right now, so…

Monday was an easy 25, but I have shin splints and did not get to visit my friend as planned. I also cut my ankle. ETofhealing: Unknown

Tuesday, I almost got spiritsticked by the Craig Love. Ran with David, perhaps for the final time, for a little while.

Wednesday, we added in a little bit of hills, but it was hectic afternoon. We went pretty short distance because of the slow downhill speeds and ducking under trees and all. Played 10 fingers during the run. I made the final 3 out of 6. I’m surprised we made it out of the forest so quickly…I thought the run would end up taking 40min, but somehow only 21-25 on, below mesa. Probably back their again tomorrow for the other half.

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