A long, slow Friday

Took our first physics quiz on conversions, which was not all that bad. We wrote Brownings-esque love letters to our future spouses. That was rather weird. Had to ditch KC’s house for some random temple meeting, which was altogether unnecessary. Mom got shot down by Badri a lot. Dad just argued about everything. Badri did not seem to enjoy their presence. Huge finally fed me some food…some good Bruno’s pizza–not that nasty olive oil stuff. Sat in my car for a while with him because no one wanted to do anything. Let’s see how much work I actually get done this weekend. Timetrialed today and things did not get as well as I would have liked. Got outkicked by McLovin, finished 9th. Need to work on all of that. Maybe it was just that I need a 3-mile course. Haven’t done a lot of hard, fast stuff so can only pray that MC is a different story.

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