Monthly Archives: August 2008

When did I become the new Sparsh?

After completing a long first week of school during which bro became the official word of the school year and Vincent became the sex guy, we headed for the beach for a bonfire. Unfortunately, there were far too many bandos there so we ditched Tower 33 for a trip to Convoy, the geographic center for Asians in San Diego. I finally had a chance to enjoy YogurtWorld, weirdly located next to O’Briens: An American Pub. I highly enjoyed green coconut and hawaiann pineapple sorbet. Next, we made a move to Mira Mesa’s east side where he ate some Rubio’s. But the highlight of the night was definitely Andrew’s mom. Most def a 10 out of a 10. She even understood Engrish!


Following an early wake-up, Vincent and I headed for the San Diego food bank. What was supposed to be five hours ended up being three very long ones. Some Mexican guy was in charge, but the whole system seemed to have a few too many inefficiencies. At the end of the day, we packed 743 boxes of food for seniors–pushing the bank to 1080 boxes as it strives toward its goal of 10,000 boxes for the month.

Foot pains

Walking is still hard with the foot, but it didn’t hurt too much during our 10-1-10 tempo so that was nice. Totally died the second half of that. There’s a black guy teaching at our school now! I got to make friends with him. Way too many tests (3) tomorrow for a first Friday. Indo and Sergio are supposed to rejoin the team tomorrow–that should be nice. Vincent’s first comment in AP Lit: “He wants to get some.”


Still confused

All day during school, I look forward to XC practice as a chance to relax and chill with the bro’s but then you get there and it’s like why the hell do I run. It’s so confusing for the mind. In good news, I think Mrs. T likes me. In bad news, I had to ice my foot because of stupid holes in the grass. Got lots of sleep, but still pretty tired. Need to start working better game and figure out how to make lunch a little less boring.

Day 1 of 180

I’m so confused. I keep going back and forth saying that this is going to be an amazing year and then a couple minutes later thinking how long of a year it’s going to be. Christian is so whipped though, wearing a Transformers backpack and saying next to nothing at lunch. Definitely missing Kyle and Scotty and Swuster and the gang. Decided to go with shorts today to match the beautiful weather. Run was nice and easy. Note that Hizal’s name is pronounced His-al. Currie hasn’t cried yet but some B named Sean? who was grabbing my lock while making out is going to drive both of us nuts. Need to sit next to Marvin in physics. Gotta make that happen. Homework finished by 9:00. I can’t wait to see how many times that happens 🙁 .

Day 1 of 97

McClanahan says there are 97 days of running to go and that we must function as a team and have commitment and stuff. Then we did a stupid hill workout. I hate hills. The worst was working on AP Lit summer assignment until 12:20am while netting less than 6 hours of sleep. I hate to turn my TV off the whole day! That meant no Olympics.

EDIT: McClanahan was so off. Should be 101 days.