Monthly Archives: September 2008

Well, I totally failed

I’ve so neglected to work on this, but I am going to try again. Today was Dana Hills. All said it was a good race. The fog didn’t disappear until about noon when we took the 78 across from the 5 to the 15. I didn’t have a terrific start (had to catch up to Vincent) or a second mile and my kick was weak except for the very end. I had to chase down 10 people to get a medal. I got 8 of them. A minute PR from last year.

Haven’t been able to hang out with the girl much this week, but Marvin had tight shoulder game today. Makes up for not being able to run b/c of brusitis. Poker game tonite. Very happy about acing first gov exam.

“If I wanted salad to come out of my ass, I’d go to Souplantation.” – Brandon

HSM2, I must have been kidding myself

Played team handball on Saturday afternoon, which actually pretty fun except for the fact that I sucked. Nick got pretty good at it, but he was kind of a ball hog–always taking shots. Marvin raped with fastballs and Marco, well, he’s a stylin Italian. Indo did a very good job closing the window with his legs. Eric, who actually plays roller hockey on that court, probably that it was immoral that we desecrated his hallowed field with such a European sport.

Saturday night we were supposed to play manhunt, but people bailed out and we tried watching High School Musical 2 at Hilltop, but that was simple horrible. So for the next night in a row went to Huge’s. Not too exciting, just a lot of Purav being pissed at me. He was abstaining from water for the day. That must make people cranky. They wanted me to pick them 10 miles away and drop them off at Huge’s and then return home. Twenty miles for no reason…I don’t think so. Sunday was an utter waste. I was so unproductive with doing my homework. I still have 3 articles to write and 90 pages to read tomorrow. Soon enough I have to start tackling some essays. Analyzing kisses on Ocean’s 11 is a new low.