Monthly Archives: April 2010

T-Pain at USC

10-15 songs sung by t-pain
30-35 minutes length of performance
0 songs sung full-length
45 seconds avg length of singing per song
1 awesome rap he pulled off acapella during all i do is win, his final song
1 minute lenegth of bragging before siniging all i do is win, which he called the anthem of america from 2005 to 2010—by I, he meant himself
1 new song from upcoming album (take your shirt off)
1 song most requested by crowd (i’m on a boat)
1 song of ke$ha that t-pain danced to (tik tok)
1 bra thrown on stage (b-cup, said t-pain)
0 songs done in an encore b/c there was no encore
2 the number of hits needed in 2008 for t-pain do i have had more songs on the billboard 100 in one year than beatles had ever
1 fat tummy’s he got
10/10 rating for his dance skills
2 random backup dancers he had (1 was tay diyzm, brother of the dj)
5 times he complained that usc was dry and he had to drink water instead of nuvo (sparkling vodka) on stage
1000s number of ppl in attendance
100s number of ppl sneakin drinks in crowd
10s number of ppl gettin high in crowd
95 percent of time he lip-synced
overall, a riveting performance that showed t-pain loves to have fun on stage and that he has real personality