Trip 10 Cont’d

Day 5
Wednesday, May 19

Yellowstone is full of bison/buffaloes. Wow. We also got to see bears eating a buffalo. That was quite sick. You will find tons of snow in Yellowstone and a bunch of construction and closed roads if you visit in May.

Day 6
Thursday, May 20

Day two in Yellowstone took us through the lower loop. A few geysers followed by a couple of waterfalls and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. The canyon is what puts the yellow stone in Yellowstone.

Day 7
Friday, May 21

Saw Mt. Rushmore this morning. Kind of underwhelming as I was expecting. Gutzon sculpted this beastly creation of four 60-foot heads with the idea of inspiring people through a testament of America’s first 150 years. Well considered me amazed at his skill, but not necessarily inspired.

I’ll expand on all of this in due time.

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