Monthly Archives: December 2010

Thoughts on the Padres trade of Adrian Gonzalez to Boston

A) Jed Hoyer is not Kevin Towers. He’s obviously not as skilled at making deals, so given that he prob did the best he could, which just isn’t as good as KT.

b) Our front office is boston west just like boston is san diego east. The Padres brass really love these prospects and always have otherwise they wouldn’t be trading for them. that could be a bad thing tho cuz they might be too attached to them. they may not have gotten enough outside criticism to evaluate these guys. that’s what has me scared.

c) This trade tells us Hoyer thinks infielders are easy to find….outfielders that can play petco park are not. I think that’s a big difference from what most teams deal with. I think he’ll end up trading bell for a 1b or 2b and a starting pitcher.