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Why Don’t MLB And Fox Let Us Decide What Game We Want On Saturdays?

So here I am unable to the Padres-Dodgers game right now on television or MLB.TV. Usually, if I can’t watch a game online with MLB.TV, it means the game is on television. But Saturday afternoons is FOX’s exclusive window. That means they decide what game I get to to watch.

Here in Sacramento, the game usually belongs to the A’s or the Giants. This Saturday, we get the Braves vs. the Phillies. Great game, but not one I care about deeply.

MLB is in the business of drawing people to its website. And same with So why not run commercials all week in certain major markets drawing people to the websites and telling viewers to go online and vote for what game they want to watch!

So for the Padres vs. Dodgers, all of those two teams’ media markets would get the game regardless of any vote. But in here in Sacramento or in San Francisco or Omaha or Austin, I could tap in my zip code online and decide whether I want to see the Padres game more, the Braves game more or the Twins game also going on now. Have the vote going from Monday to Thursday and announce the final nationwide schedule on Thursday evening. Another opportunity to attract eyeballs online.

Wouldn’t that process be Democratic?