Draw Something, Kony 2012 And An Ocean In Between

So far, twice my two worlds have collided.

Days before the mainstream media really picked up on the hype around the original Kony 2012 video, my friends on Facebook were sharing the video on their walls. They were friends from L.A. and elsewhere in America. But they were also new international friends and acquaintances from New Zealand and Europe sharing the video. When people from a handful different of countries are talking about something, I suppose you have to know it’s going to get big. It’s now considered the most viral video ever. I quickly told our Neon Tommy news team to try and score an interview with USC alumnus Jason Russell, but the mainstream media picked up the story the next day and the rest is history.

A couple of weeks later, my friend in Riverside mentioned how an entire class was seemingly playing the mobile game Draw Something when he walked into the back of a classroom one day. Later in the week, a member of one my class groups talked about how he had become addicted to Draw Something. I heard others talking about and even saw some people playing it. I was surprised I hadn’t more about it. Lo and behold, it received the New York Times’ treatment the next week.

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