Why Are The Shops In New Zealand Closed For Easter And Good Friday?

Outside of gas stations and corner stores selling essentials, businesses can’t sell products on the two April religious holidays unless they want to face a $1,000 fine.

We found a Chinese take-out place conveniently selling fish, chips and burgers open. There was also an Asian grocery store. And some fast-food restaurants defied the ban. Outside of that, the city is pretty barren Friday and Sunday of Easter weekend while Saturday was bustling as ever.

This country is barely religious. I’ve seen only a handful of public crosses not attached to a church. Churches themselves are spread out way more than in America. This country’s religion is the All-Blacks. It’s not Christianity or patriotism. Only 16 percent of people, according to a poll in the newspaper, associated Easter with a religious meaning. Meanwhile, Kiwis in an informal poll were split 46 percent for keeping businesses open all weekend against 42 percent favoring the present shutdown order.

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