The Capital And Its Southern Neighbors

From Tuesday afternoon to Monday morning

Lunch falafel and frosty $9.50
Airport Express bus shuttle $16
Jetstar one-way ticket from Auckland to Wellington with one checked bag $50
Airport Flyer bus shuttle $8.50
Cambridge Hotel Backpackers $26
Carrot cake and milkshake $12
Water bottle and smoothie $10.20
Chips and a vegetable pie $9.20
Atlantis Backpackers two nights $46
Apples, granola bars, water, pasta $7.29
Two-day car rental with full insurance $120
Panini and smoothie $13.50
Wrap $9
Bed, fridge, roof, shower, no blanket $22
Fresh strawberries and fresh real fruit ice cream made in front of my eyes $6.90
Hostel $26
Burger and fries $11.30
Gas $54.20
Omelet $13.90
Indian food $20
Shuttle $2
Museum donation $1
Nakedbus fare $30.98

Total cost: $624.47


My random thoughts recorded during the week:

  • Boarding passes should be smaller, like receipts, so they fit in your pockets without lots of folding.
  • Red always seems superior to green. Upper houses of government I have seen always have a red-based coloring scheme while lower houses always feature green schemes. New Zealand no longer has an upper house, but the chamber lingers as a conference room.
  • At the theater, it’s surprisingly weird how little you can find out about a movie if you don’t want to waste smartphone data. Why don’t the theaters think of people who come utterly unprepared and have no idea what they want to watch?
  • New Zealand gets serious props for it’s I-site system. America’s visitor centers are alright. Maybe I just haven’t visited many of them? But do they do accommodation and activity bookings on the spot? I-sites really take care of you. Not every employee is as knowledgeable as the next. You run into that in every business though.
  • I want a froyo machine and an ice cream maker, so I can grind fresh fruit in the machine and make fresh ice cream-like stuff.
  • Wellington’s central train terminal is awful. The two men who looked like employees or security guards were too busy trying to follow a guy skateboarding in the quasi-indoor space to deal with the beggar verbally harassing people for money. The station had no visible power outlets and barely any seats. All doors are super open letting New Zealand’s windiest city’s terrific gusts leave everyone inside chilled. Last, but definitely not least, an EFTPOS reader (aka credit scanner) was left on the outside portion of a ticket booth window counter. I didn’t notice any security cameras. A thief could have easily place a credit/debit card skimmer on the machine. I have sent an email to KiwiRail with my concerns.

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