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Things I’ve Learned At AUT

At the halfway point of my academic semester abroad at the Auckland University of Technology, here’s what I’ve learned that I can easily remember:

  • Pantene Pro-V shampoo sells more bottles by saying it has vitamins in it, but vitamins don’t actually help your hair in any way. (Consumer Behaviour)
  • Heinz needs to get its dip-and-squeeze ketchup packets into every restaurant. Taco Bell should also adopt them. The old-style ketchup and sauce packets suck. (Consumer Behaviour)
  • Apple’s gift cards don’t have the Apple logo or the word Apple on the front of them yet everyone knows exactly what they are. (Consumer Behaviour)
  • Your sensory memory is always capturing stuff, though it quickly deletes stuff. But because it is always going you can sometimes hit rewind, which is why you sometimes say “What?” to a person’s questions and then can still reply correctly. You just need the rewind time. (Consumer Behaviour)
  • Successfully used global variables, a random number generator and conditional statements in Adobe Flash AS3. I also am starting to get used to the pen tool. (Interactive Media Production)
  • You have to make your brand seamless across platforms and appear similar in all types of advertising. Brand confusion is killer. (Sponsorship & Promotion)
  • Marketers get a little too crazy. Listen to the responsible PR folk. (Sponsorship & Promotion)
  • A good advertising campaign starts with figuring out who you are trying to target. (Sponsorship & Promotion)
  • My temperament is peaceful phlegmatic. One’s best friends and/or lovers tend to be of the opposite temperament. My secondary temperament is perfect melancholy, a trait I likely picked up through life experiences rather than through birth. (Te Ara Pou)
  • Maori consider mountains to be like armpits. They wrap around you as a source of comfort. (Te Ara Pou)
  • Humans are special because we have the ability to be aware of our thoughts, meaning we have the ability to respond to things however we want (aka response-ability). (Te Ara Pou)

A month without a microwave

Snails move faster than responses to service requests here at our university-managed student apartments. Elevators stay broken down all weekend. Couches have had bird poop on them all semester. The pool table’s felt is all torn up. And we didn’t have a microwave for a month. (The fridge for five people is also smaller than the one we had at USC for four people). Here’s a letter we submitted about our microwave situation. About a week later, we were the first ones in the building delivered a new microwave. But we didn’t really receive a response, an apology or any other sort of concession.


23 March, 2012

Dear Wellesley Student Apartments Management,

For the most part, living here has been great. But we have been extremely disappointed that it has been about one month since we have had a working microwave in our apartment.

We understand that WSA was unable to fix our microwave and had to order a new one. A similar situation occurred with other apartments. For it to take one month to get replaced is simply irresponsible management and shows a lack of respect for us residents.

We were granted the use of the kitchen downstairs, but that has proved to be inconvenient. For the first few weeks, we used the microwaves of friends in other apartments on floor 11. Many of their microwaves also broke down or were returned for other reasons.

The front desk has told us several times during the past month that the order will be coming soon. Soon has yet to arrive. For example, on the 16th of March, we were told the new microwaves would certainly arrive by the following Monday. It is now the end of that week, and the situation has not changed.

We feel that a microwave within the confines our apartment was promised to us as part of our signed agreement to stay on the premises. This agreement has been breached. We would like to see this situation remedied as soon as possible. Additionally, we believe the extremely long delay in furnishing a microwave entitles us to another form of restitution.

We understand it may difficult to reimburse the value we have lost by the inability to use our microwave. Perhaps, even simple tokens such as a certain installation date for a new microwave and a valuable supermarket gift card could suffice in helping turn the page on this sad chapter.

As AUT continues to grow and flourish, we would love to see 24/7 maintenance (so elevators do not sit broken down all weekend), tighter procurement systems (so it does not take take one month to buy a microwave) and more reliability in general (so the AUT brand represented by WSA continues to soar in a positive direction).

The rooms are large. The views are often stunning. The people are great. The location, despite the hills, is incredibly convenient. We hope we can assist you in achieving perfection.


The Residents of 11D

Things I Want To Do On Facebook That I Don’t Think Can

1. Favorite or bookmark posts. Why? To note them for later reading, so I don’t have to open up a browser tab immediately. Just save things for memory sakes or for showing someone later in the day or for easy finding when switching between devices.

2. Search through your likes with a sorting tool. Why? So I can see every article I have liked on, sorted by date. Or find every article on ehow that I like or every picture that includes friend X that I have liked.

2012 MLB Predictions

AL East



Blue Jays*

Red Sox


AL Central





White Sox

AL West





— Rays beat Angels to go to World Series —

NL East






NL Central







NL West






—Braves beat Giants to go to World Series—

Chipper Jones and the Braves win the World Series over the Rays