Life is pretty eng today.

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Similar to great sites such as and, MyLifeIsEngineer offers a forum for people to share the moments, situations and quotes that remind them about their profession as an engineer or their aspiration to become one.

Spent all night drinking Diet Coke and coding a killer app? Well, your life is probably engineer.

Sure you could share that on Facebook, but MLIE lets you post anonymously the mundane, the simple, the embarrassing and the downright hilarious with a large community of people just like you.

Here on this front page, you'll find the highest-rated posts. Don't forget to click the thumbs-up button if you enjoy a post!

To share something from your own life, click the "Submit a Story" link on the navigation bar at the top of the page.

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Even if something you share never hits the front page, we all still appreciate the great work you do Mr. or Ms. Engineer.

May the Fourth be with you!
Vincent Heng is my friend and he's talking about some bull shit how UCLA invented the Internet MLIE
now what mlie
hi how are u this is a test 2
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