What Happened To The Fight To End Bill Shock?

T-Mobile (and I’m pretty sure the other three main wireless phone providers as well) still refuses to give you any warning if you’re about to hit to your voice, data or text limits.

The companies have no reason too to, of course, because people like my dad and I who don’t get warned end up going over and paying T-Mobile twice as much as usual. And that might push people to splurge for the unlimited everything plans. That’s gold for a tiny little T-Mobile.

After floating the idea last May, the FCC proposed regulations last fall to force the cell phone providers to notify customers when they hit limits. I haven’t heard anything since. Anyone know more than me?

This post was forwarded to Rep. Brian Bilbray and Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, who apparently doesn’t list “technology” as a policy issue on her website.

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